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Inside Striker
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Inside Striker

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Product Description:

A portable golf training aid designed to reinforce proper swing plane, eliminate your slice and provide  instant feedback as you practice.

Practice with every club in your golf bag.

Ideal for driving range, putting green or at home allowing you to practice with a purpose.

Product Benefits:

  •  Reinforces instructions from teaching golf professionals.
  • Greater consistency with every golf club , improve your overall game and lower your scores and handicap.
  • Eliminates “over–the-top” swing and “outside-in” swing path.
  • Places you on the right path to a better swing and straighter and longer shots.
  • Promotes square Putter at impact.
  • Rugged construction, portable, easily fits in your golf bag.

The Inside Striker is equipped with an alignment slot to work directly with your “alignment rods” to improve set up and posture.